Oct 11, 2016



You’ve probably figured out by now that I am a Life Long Learner.

I can’t help it… I love learning new things. And if I like what I am learning, I just dig deeper and deeper and learn more, meet the experts, and get informed.

So yes, I love all things wellness, sustainability, yoga. And I even went back to school and got a professional certificate in coaching and finished up in the Spring.

And as many of you know, last summer I started surfing. And yes I was a total beginner, but I loved it.

And I loved meeting new friends who were also surfing out in nearby Rockaway Beach, NYC. Including Andreea Waters.

Andreea is a surf photographer and newish, (not as new as me) dedicated and awesome surfer. She told me about a great surf spot in Barbados and I went in Spring 2016 and it was awesome! Warm, blue water, endless waves that were slow and perfect for a beginner, great local and pro surf coaches, and groovy beach front bungalows, great culture, delish food and ….

I am going back to Barbados with Andreea in February to host a Wellness and Surf Retreat! I hope you will join us for surf, wellness, yoga, relaxation, Barbados culture, healthy food and falling asleep to the sound of the sea. And then wake up. Repeat.

And, not only will you try surfing for the first time (or maybe you’ve done it before) and love it – but Andreea is going to photograph our island time and surf time – so after coming home and sludging through the cold – you’ll get an awesome island photo journal of your Barbados surf and wellness trip. Check out her work here: http://andreeawaters.com/

I just booked my flight on Jet Blue for $300 round trip from JFK! And we are offering an early bird rate – so don’t wait, get the cheap flight and best price.

All the details are below.

Bring your wellness and yoga questions, share in my wellness and yoga sessions and go home inspired for the healthiest, smartest year ever!

See you in Barbados!




Feb. 1 – 6, 2017
Surfers Point, Inch Marlow, Barbados
Early Bird Price: $1600 USD (Ends November 15th)
Regular Price: $1725 USD

Surf + Wellness Barbados 2017


OR Reserve your spot and with a $500 deposit and pay in full by January 15th, 2017. Deposits made after December 12th are NON-REFUNDABLE. Make your deposit and reserve your spot by paying with the button below.


$500 Deposit Surf + Wellness Barbados 2017





3pm – Check in
6pm – Welcome! Happy Hour and Dinner by Sheryld

8:30 am – Rooftop Morning Wellness
9:15 am – Breakfast
10-12pm – Surf Session
12:30pm – Lunch
Island Time
6 pm – Sunset Yoga
Island Time

8:30 am – Rooftop Rise and Shine Yoga
9:15 am – Breakfast
10-12pm – Surf Session
Island Time
7 pm – Fish Fry Outing (Optional local event – each guest is responsible for their own transportation. Event is a 10-minute drive from Surfer’s Point)

8:30 Rooftop Morning Wellness
9:15 am – Breakfast
10-12pm – Surf Session
Island Time
6pm – Sunset Yoga
Island Time

8:30 Rooftop Morning Wellness
9:15 am – Breakfast
10-12pm – Surf Session
Island Time
7 pm – Ciao Barbados! Happy Hour and Dinner by Sheryld

8:30 am – Breakfast
10-12pm – Surf Session
12:30 checkout and lunch


Travel Notes:

You will need a valid Passport.

Fly into Bridgetown, Barbados. Surfers Point is located ten minutes South West of airport.

Jet Blue is a non-stop flight JFK to Bridgetown. Book early for the best rate!


House Notes:

Cafe opens at 8am everyday serving breakfast and lunch only.

Wi-fi is limited to the Cafe area.

Island time is your personal time to indulge Surfers Point or explore.

Explore the island during Island Time – Taxis available for local transportation. (Not included in price).

Schedule is subject to change based on surf and weather conditions.

Bring a long sleeve shirt (rashgurad) and leggings to surf in. And bring plenty of your favorite sunblock as well as a hat.



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