Apr 19, 2017

OMG, did you get a facelift?

OMG, did you get a facelift?

That’s what an old friend blurted out to a client of mine at a work reunion this week.

My client is a 74-year old male CEO and, in the two years since we’ve been working together, has completely transformed. He has lost 30 pounds and maintained his new weight, gone from sedentary and sleepy to biking, hiking, expanding his business and forming new businesses and spends more time with his grandchildren and old friends. He no longer takes naps or binges on midnight peanut butter sandwiches or guzzles diet soda. He does dry brush, practices his own morning yoga and meditation and when he makes a food mistake– reaches for the castor oil and hot water bottle.

These days, people usually think he is 15 to 20 years younger than his age (and yes, even got a facelift).

We were introduced because he wanted to do some Yoga. What he got was an opportunity to step onto a life-altering and health-building path of a whole new lifestyle. And he could do all this – slow and steady – because he had a partner every step of the way. Through the ups and the downs. The easy days. The rough days.

That’s what a coach does.

We all have goals. We all want to make changes, start new things. Yet sometimes we struggle.

How often do you say…
I should be able to do this alone?
I shouldn’t need help here?
This is too hard?
I am not worth it?
It’s not that important, I just don’t care?

If you’re anything like me, all the time!
So how do we do it? How do we get over the obstacles and conflicts and honor our hearts and minds and goals?

A coach is our partner who keeps our goals in mind, and facilitates our effective actions, and accountability in attaining them. With each success, a coach supports us in uncovering and updating emerging goals to help us grow forward.

Failing feels lousy.
Success builds success.

I want you to succeed.

That why I have a Spring Special offer just for you!

And it’s only $98.

Say yes to your goals and schedule a session now at my gorgeous new Manhattan studio/office, or schedule a FREE phone consultation.

If you are watching my videos or meeting up with me in person, always know that I amhere cheering you on!

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