Mar 14, 2013

Dream your Dream Life – How to Incubate A Dream- Tutorial

Every night I use my dream time to learn something new, to discover something in my daly life that i am overlooking. Dreaming is a powerful tool for self-growth and knowledge. You can dream about whatever you’d like. Dream incubation is a technique used for inducing the dream you want. For 1000s of years people […]

Dec 5, 2011

Is Yoga a Religion?

Why do loud mouth religious types get up in Yoga’s business? Yoga says “Yo Respect!” Don’t start blabbing about something you know nothing about. It’s embarrassing for your loved ones and your congregation. Kiki says “listen up and learn.”

Mar 9, 2011

Relieve Aches, Pains and Stiffness with Oil Bath

Oil bath is a traditional, weekly Ayurvedic home remedy still practiced widely in South India. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois routinely recommends oil bath to his yoga students especially for the relief of back and knee pain as well as stiffness. Weekly oil bath reduces excess internal heat (pitta in Ayurvedic) particularly in the joints, liver, […]

Feb 10, 2010

Free Love

The economy is frigid. Colder than the blizzard. Free is a new four-letter word. Nearly my favorite. Stay in. The neighborhood that is. Go local. Walking is, after all, still free. On a Sunday night drop-in at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Free live music. A long line-up of bands with short sets and big hair. All night […]

Sep 30, 2009

Be Nice

I’m often asked, Why don’t more people do yoga? Buy a mat. Roll it. The Black Mat, standing seven feet and weighing in at more than 7lbs! Shove it in a bag. Schlepp it. Negotiate steps, the subway, a bus, a bicycle, concrete. Day in and day out. Weeks. Months Years. To wear or not too […]