Sep 3, 2013

Kiki’s – Books I’m Reading and Recommend

A lot of you ask me for yoga book recommendations. I am an avid reader and love to curl up with a book. I live in New York City and don’t have a car here (but you know I cycle everywhere) If I’m taking a trip and I have a choice to ride a train […]

Apr 19, 2013

Kiki’s Top Picks – Organic Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Super Foods

So many of you asked me EXACTLY which products I use and recommend so I’ve put these lists together for YOU. Now you can easily buy the wonderful organic and natural products I have used for decades. Use. Share. Click. I’ve partnered with Banyan Botanicals and Amazon to bring you the best Kiki’s Picks. Your […]

Apr 15, 2010

Pull Up to the Bumper Baby

My favorite car is yellow. It has a meter up front next to the driver who fills the tank, changes the oil, and parks it. All I do is step to the edge of traffic and raise my hand like the pop-quiz whiz-kid who has all the answers. My favortie car is a taxi. For […]

Oct 2, 2009

Girls School

Call me unconventional.I loved school. Especially Catholic School.The More House School for Girls.Girls only.Plenty of girls. Being girls.Bright, brilliant, clever, ever-so-often naughty girls. The More House School was uniform-free.A style forum for 11 year olds just down the road from Beauchamp Place and around the corner from Harrods . The curriculum included Latin, French, Spanish, […]

Sep 30, 2009

Be Nice

I’m often asked, Why don’t more people do yoga? Buy a mat. Roll it. The Black Mat, standing seven feet and weighing in at more than 7lbs! Shove it in a bag. Schlepp it. Negotiate steps, the subway, a bus, a bicycle, concrete. Day in and day out. Weeks. Months Years. To wear or not too […]

Jul 15, 2009

Shopping for Dollars

It’s my fault. I told a friend we’d meet in the Sunglass Department at  Century 21. She was late. That’s her fault. I pass the time trying on discounted designer frames. Slipping high-end handbags over my shoulder. Totally my fault. Century 21 – where you look for stuff you don’t need until you just can’t […]

Jun 28, 2009

Get Sunny

Don’t let a gray day color you gray. Or blue. Paint your nails sun-shiny. I just did. It’s a cheap trick. But it makes me happy. They say it’s the little things. In 1970, Mom got me my first-ever yellow nail polish. As for the green she gave my older sister, I made off with […]