Work with Kiki

Kiki Flynn is dedicated to the care and reach of Wellness for everybody.

She works with individuals and organizations who are ready for change—ready to build lives of meaning in relationships, career, and community.

Kiki instills self-confidence in her clients, educating and empowering them to act on change, facilitating and creating comprehensive programs that enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Changes begin as soon as you meet her; Kiki has an unparalleled ability to inspire and empower people to go through this transformation, and she offers support at every step of the way.

The change starts today and its better than you can imagine!

To speak with Kiki about your individual or organizational needs, or to schedule a wellness or yoga event, contact Kiki here.

To connect with Kiki, join her on her Facebook page, Kiki Says.  This is where Kiki answers your wellness questions and shares daily updates and support.


She is a well-spring of wisdom and an icon of inspiration who clearly walks her walk.  The value of her work is evidenced by the manner in which she carries herself and how she lives her life.
– S. Platt, Business owner and author


I tore my Achilles tendon, and though I worked with a top surgeon, he did not recommend PT and my physical health and stamina deteriorated from then on. I was unable to walk even 5 blocks comfortably.I was introduced to Kiki and we began to work together. With a few shifts in my eating habits, I easily lost 20 pounds without counting a calorie. She integrates cutting edge movement therapies with an extensive pedigree in Yoga and I now find myself walking 5 miles and running up to 2 miles. My mind is clearer, my posture better, there is a spring in my step and I am moving up and down stairs quickly and easily. I have been mistaken for a man 20 years younger than my age and long time associates are astounded at the changes they see. Kiki told me, you are a leader in your field and we will make it clear to all that you will continue to lead with vitality and focus. Kiki is a leader in her field. I could not have asked for a better partner for my health, wellness and expanded view.

J. Foster, CEO, Investment Firm


As a Spinal Cord Injured disabled person (nearly six years post injury), I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain that did not allow me to resume my work as a stockbroker. In August 2014, my life changed. I began practicing Yoga with Kiki Flynn. Based on my past Yoga experience, I had very low expectations. However, to my amazement, after just one month with Kiki, my neck and shoulder pain was gone!  Kiki’s Yoga and wellness supports have truly healed my body. Today, I am reintegrated back into the workforce.
– M. De La Cruz, Program Manager at the Axis Project for SCI


Her knowledge is encyclopedic, based on decades of self-practice and inspired by her own great teachers.
– R. L., Author, Artist


Kiki is an excellent life coach who exemplifies the advisory role of her profession.  She puts her heart and soul into her work and the empowerment of others. Kiki gives you the keys that open your mind to the unlimited good that awaits within you, to create what you truly desire and inspires you to do the same for others.  I personally found that her sessions enabled me to clearly consider life’s challenges from a position of emotional and cerebral stability.  With her professional and focused help I am more able to approach stressful situations while maintaining a truly positive demeanor.  I find my daily life more thought out, less fearful of challenges and overall happier.  Meeting with Kiki leaves one in a state of self-confidence and emotional control not easily obtained if left to one’s own devices.
– Olga G., Senior Accountant


Kiki Flynn has a gift for making the ancient practices of healing promised by both Ayurveda and Yoga both immediate and applicable.
– F. Cole Jones, Author


Kiki is such a positive influence no matter what time of day, she comes in with a bright attitude ready to make my yoga session a time of healing just for me. I have worked with Kiki for years.  Her ability to listen and her gentle guidance has helped me to make the changes I needed to move forward in my life and career. Kiki is the real deal; her lifestyle reflects exactly what she believes in. Recently, being on a personal wellness retreat with Kiki taught me that balance is key in all things: life, love, work and food.
– C. Ackerley, International business founder


After practicing for over a decade, Kiki has helped me find the elements I needed to practice safely and effectively long term.  Her knowledge runs deep and she offers teachings, which seem like an unending stream of useful techniques just at the right time. Taking the plunge to practice with Kiki has reconnected my interest in the fine subtleties of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. She is a unique teacher, and I feel blessed to continue this journey with her guidance.
– D. Williams, Yoga school owner and teacher