About Kiki

Kiki Flynn is a success and performance coach.

Kiki implements leading-edge techniques for physical and mental performance, implementing intricate assessments, exceptional analysis, and proprietary applications for optimal movement, recovery, and lifestyle.

Her clients are peak performers in professional sports, the arts, and business, including Oscar and Grammy Award winners and crowned royalty.

Kiki began yoga and movement practices in 1982. She is a world-class yoga teacher, performance coach, and wellness leader. She has led workshops and events throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. She has taught and coached 1000s of students, 100s of teachers and dozens of yoga school owner/entrepreneurs.  Kiki opened her first yoga school in Los Angeles in 1996. She also worked as a Yoga Consultant in film and television, notably on The Next Best Thing, starring her student Madonna.

An unforgettable educator, her YouTube channel Kiki Says has over 5 million video views. She has written for About.com, Healthyish and Bon Appetite.

Based in New York City, Kiki also consults with clients around the world.