Feb 13, 2010

As the Disco Ball Turns

Karneval at Zum Schneider is not to be missed.
Not this year.
Not ever.

Welcome to Disco 7C.

Huckapoo shirts, playboy bunny neck bling, and afro wigs in all colors of the rainbow nation are not required but highly represented.

Sylvester Disco Daddy and his glittery cast have transformed the sauerkraut und Dinkelacker hall into a sequin lined cave. Enter these hallowed halls and pray the Hustle, the Freak and the Rock.

The stage show delights and beguiles.

Why has a bare chested actor in bejeweled lederhosen donned a man sized beer mug costume?
Why are the scantily clad singers pelting each other with pillowy beer steins to the funky beats of Kung Fu Fighting?

These questions will not be resolved by plot analysis.
But by drinking more beer.
And by dancing the night away.

Drink more beer!
Dance! Dance! Dance!

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