Dec 5, 2011

Is Yoga a Religion?

Why do loud mouth religious types get up in Yoga’s business? Yoga says “Yo Respect!” Don’t start blabbing about something you know nothing about. It’s embarrassing for your loved ones and your congregation. Kiki says “listen up and learn.”

Sep 23, 2009

Back In The USSR

Head east on 10th street and stride towards 268. Before you see the sign, you’ll feel the heat rising off the bathhouse like humidity off of black August tarmac. Last week I climb the steps, lean against the counter and hand over my watch, earrings, and wallet to the open security box offered by reliably […]

Aug 13, 2009

Summer Rain

Loverboy overheard blackberry-bragging to his Ladylove, Well I can’t stand here much longer. Ya’ll know what happens to Brown Sugar in the rain. Kiki says,Butter couldn't melt in that man's mouth.