Oct 19, 2012

All Poses Half Off – Annual Yoga Sale!

Buying Asanas is Easier than Ever

Our new yoga mats offer an easy tap-to-pay and are a speedy improvement over swipe-to-pay.
When you pay by credit/debit card – all new poses are half off for this month only!
Yes, October really is the time to buy!

Healthy Tips

Many of you ask about tipping.
Yes, please!
Like the sign on the jar says – Tipping is good karma 😉
Tipping is EZ.
Just double tap your card to add 20% as a ping instantly alerts our teachers.
To tip in cash, vigorously shake the jar at the front of your mat once you drop in your bills.

Meet Millie!

For our students who are reluctant to pay per asana, meet Millie!
As our newest affiliate, Millie offers hands-on adjustments that are already included in your class price.
We’re sure you’ll love Millie as much as we do!


I’d like to take a moment to apologize for the banana peel and respond to the angry student, who yelled,
“Is this some kind of a joke?”
No, Sir, not a joke.
And to the crowded class that broke concentration to belly laugh and thigh slap as the confused gentleman cussed red faced and hit the floor,
I say, “Shanti drishti Yogis and Yoginis”.
I will confess, until that moment, I was clueless.
Who knew slipping on a banana peel was so funny?
And talk about lightening speed!
It continues to amaze…we really do learn something new every day.

A Reminder

I do regret Millie’s banana peels miss the compost bin and continue to land under foot.
But I’m sure you’ll all agree that Millie possesses Major League aim with her feces and always hits her mark!
It seems silly to re-remind BUT Millie is a chimpanzee and a rescue at that!
Time, Yogis, let’s give her Time.
And to those that asked,
Yes, her bananas, and hence her feces, are 100% Astoria roof-grown organic!

The Center is so happy to have Millie on team.
Millie Ki!

Starting to Teach

To our newest students, many of you have asked, can you teach?
Yes, of course, teach!
There can never be too many yoga teachers.
To that aim, all students that spend $3000 on poses (not including tips) during any one-month period will receive their YBS Registered Teaching Certificate.

And to September’s 17 new YBSTs – Namaste!

I Answer Your Questions

As the super successful owner of this awesome yoga center, I am asked one question more than any other,
“What is Yoga?”
To answer, I’d like to quote an American Yogi, Russell Simmons (who blogged on this very query).
Here’s what Simmons had to say,
“Yogash Citta Vritti Nirodhah.”
So cute!
Thanks Russell for that clever answer!

Even More Giving

Keep in mind – when you tap-to-pay with Yogi Simmons prepaid Rushcard you will be charged additional fees to support Simmons ongoing studies, inspiring vegan life style, and the success of his totally original mega-yoga branding company.

Buyers Remorse

I regret the Center cannot give refunds on poses that you are unable to actually do.

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