Jun 24, 2009

Driving in My Car

Of course I am not driving  a car.
I hate driving cars.
I don’t even like sitting in a taxi.
I love the subway. Not only in theory. In practice.

I’m a New Yorker.
I move from point A to B.

And if this is New York and not London. We drive cars on the right. Not the left.

Same goes for pedestrians.
Walk on the right. Move quickly from A to B quickly.

The only obstacle will be one more khaki-clad gang of tourists standing around, map in hand. Dispense your civic duty; direct the tourists, scatter them on their way.

And then move. Keeping to the right.
Imagine; we are all in the airport moving along on a giant motorized sidewalk.

And if I thought it went without saying, I wouldn’t be saying it.
The same goes for the subway.
Up on your right.
Down on your right.

In Brooklyn, they prompt with arrows.

Save a girl some trouble.
Don’t send me out pre-dawn with a yellow can of paint and a brush.

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3 Comments on “Driving in My Car

  1. Stacey

    Amen! The pedestrian pictured is showing us all how its done, but can a subway stair-climbing New Yorker really have such skinny calves?


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