Jun 28, 2009

Get Sunny

Don’t let a gray day color you gray.

Or blue.
Paint your nails sun-shiny.
I just did.

It’s a cheap trick.
But it makes me happy.

They say it’s the little things.

In 1970, Mom got me my first-ever yellow nail polish. As for the green she gave my older sister, I made off with that too.

The yellow was Colmans Mustard and was a perfect match to cover dings in a bachelor-driven custom-painted MG.

The green was guacamole. Pretty enough to eat. Or at least gnaw off your nails. Which, though temptation ran high, I never would.

I like Orly’s Hook Up Yellow. It’s enhanced with its own pearly swirl.  Ricky’s, every last one of ’em, offers a great range of prescription-free mood boosters.

A bold cocktail ring is a great add-on. I got this sunburst of Murano Glass beads in Venice.

If you still feel blue, tag along with a pal to the beach and get your toes in the sand.

And then take off your dress.
Tempt the sun out from behind the clouds.

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