Jul 15, 2009

Shopping for Dollars

It’s my fault.
I told a friend we’d meet in the Sunglass Department at  Century 21.
She was late.
That’s her fault.
I pass the time trying on discounted designer frames.
Slipping high-end handbags over my shoulder.
Totally my fault.

Century 21 – where you look for stuff you don’t need until you just can’t live without it.

Is it dumb luck that I discover a rack full of cocktail rings?
Or just plain dumb?

I get three.

For no good reason.

Except it’s my birthday.
Not the day. The week.

Wallets are for holding money, safeguarding coins and bills from dropping through holes in a pocket.

So why am I looking to buy a wallet?
That’s a lose lose.
Maybe a lose win.
But no way it’s a win win.

My friend texts – getting closer.
My reply – Buying Pucci wallet. Hurry. Save me from myself.

Buying deep-discount, I calculate my savings as cash in hand.
Direct-deposit to a cloud account.

When I buy discount, I expect champagne.

Yeah, I got a luscious grasshopper-green wallet but  more than that I earned  $250 Monopoly bucks. Birthday or no birthday, that’s something to celebrate.

My friend runs in as I turn away from the register .
She looks thrilled. Full of hope.

“Didja get it?”

Hours later, we lunch on fab fries and pumpkin oil drizzled greens at Blaue Gans.
I lend her a cocktail ring.

Lawdy knows I have plenty.
Then we toast a glass of rose.

Her treat.

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