Jan 2, 2014

How to do Star Yoga Posture with Kiki Flynn Natural Health and Yoga Expert

Click on the image here to watch my video for Livestrong.com on Star Pose with Michael Guiou.


Star Yoga posture will help develop an incredible core and symmetry throughout your body.

Hi, I’m Kiki Flynn here at Land Yoga, and this is how to do star yoga posture. Let’s develop overall strength and tone, incredible core and symmetry throughout our body to help in all other fitness that we do with star yoga posture. The foundation of yoga is a steady deep breath through the nose and firmness and tone over the entire body. Let’s come inhale to all fours and exhale, everything firm and solid, flat hands. With an inhalation take your two legs straight back to plank. With this foundation of strength and tone, we can increase our balance as we tip to one side, inhale, shift to the outside of the left foot and stack the top foot, hips high and when you feel steady, place the top arm over your waist and hip. Very good, raise your hips, firm your arm, everything is solid and toned with a steady breath through the nose. Now we’re going to take star pose, inhale, arm and leg up, and baby you are a star, that’s fantastic, great. Breathe, reach, extend, tone and strength everywhere, even breathing and gently release down with control, arm to your side, let’s return through your plank pose and firm and strong, lower the knees and you can sit back. Excellent.

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