Jan 2, 2014

Yoga Beginning Exercise Techniques with Kiki Flynn Natural Health and Yoga Expert

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I’m Kiki Flynn and this is Yoga beginning exercise techniques. Everyone can begin Yoga with this great set that’s going to reduce stress, create more flexibility, strength and tone and make you feel great all day long. The foundation of Yoga is the breath. So we’re going to breathe through the nose. We see this extra expanse of the lungs and chest and exhale everything out. All breathing is through the nose. Inhale, and exhale. Now we’re going to coordinate our movement with this breath. We’ll start with a very simple movement. With the inhale, arms go up, press the palms, look to your thumb, exhale back to our neutral position. Arms at your side. Very good. Once more. Inhale up and exhale down. Now we’ll take a breathing movement sequence beginning with this first movement. Inhale up, with bent knees exhale forward and down, hands firm to the floor. Release your hands. Inhale head up, exhale, step to a short firm downward dog. And we’re going to stay here for 5 breaths. Hands are flat, feet are flat, arms are toned, the trunk and torso are toned and the legs are strong. We have a soft wide shoulder and an easy neck. We have a gentle gaze at the navel. After the 5th exhale let’s inhale, walk forward towards the hands, bent knees are fine. Exhale, release your head down. And that same inhale is going to carry you all the way up on bent strong legs, look to the thumbs, exhale, return to your neutral position. Very good.

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