Dec 22, 2017

How My Experiences in India Translate to My New January eCourse

I never planned to go to India more than once.

But on that first trip, I landed in Mysore at the school of an old world teacher and found myself among a tight-knit group of international Yoga travelers. Mysore became my home away from home, and my Yoga tribe expanded exponentially. My longest India trip was 6 months. The shortest was 3 days, during the final week of my teacher’s 93-year life.  Out of respect for all my professors and their culture, I practiced South Indian etiquette, which included wrapping and pleating 18-feet of fabric into a sari, and learning local phrases and traditions. This dedication opened doors to the homes of the wise and kind teachers who taught me a great deal more than Yoga’s physical movements.  I learned therapeutics, philosophy, breathwork, Sanskrit, music, cooking, wellness traditions, and methods for presence of mind, mental clarity, and cultivating meaning in life.

Ayurveda is a sister science to Yoga, and the traditional health science of India. Usually, when we think of using Ayurveda, we imagine being sick or out of balance, and then going to a doctor for a diagnosis and herbal prescription. But what I witnessed in these teachers’ homes was different: it was a “living Ayurveda”—a prescription for daily living, where every choice not only adds up to a healthy lifestyle, but combines exponentially to create joyous families and healthy people.

This is still one of my favorite all-time saris. It draped beautifully and the colors were delicious and it had a very old-fashioned motif. The paisley is actually a representation of a mango!  And the mango represents fertility, beauty, sweetness and moreover the nectar of knowledge – amrita.

I am sharing so many of these special teachings and practices in my upcoming Saturn: Secrets of Success course. We are in Saturn now and have the perfect opportunity to support our vitality, beauty, and goals with daily wellness and ritual practices. My fearless and wise leader on this course is astrologer Sherene Vismay. When you see the course page and registration on her website you will see she is the real deal. In India and for yogis, day to day living and success in all things is totally in step with astrology. Sherene will be our astral guide and I will be your wellness coach. This is a 40-day email course beginning with your resolutions on January 1st. Register for daily emails as well as opportunities for readings coaching and online meet-ups NOW.

I have so much to share and will be pouring my love into this journey, and I am doing it for you!


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