Dec 20, 2020

Members Only Access: KikiTV Weekly Schedule (December 21, 2020)

December 21 – Monday
Meditation (15 min)
Every Moment of Every Day Is Precious. I Live This Moment Now. Being mindful of each moment is a key to peace of mind, gratitude and peace of mind. Stream on KikiTV!

December 21 – Monday
Sutra Chapter 1 – Live on Zoom (45 min) 
Let’s review the obstacles “andtarayah” to Yoga and review in chanting all the Sutras we have learned.

December 22 – Tuesday 
Weekly Podcast featuring Tim Shieff (1 hour)

In the early days of YouTube, I watched a lot of movement arts. It seemed like parkour/free running and extreme sports were early on the wave of uploading watchable videos. I can recall being in Mysore India studying Ashtanga Yoga and a small group of us were like “have you seen this parkour stuff?”

Timothy Shieff is an innovative and ever-learning and exploring movement artist and athlete (one of the first sponsored parkour athletes with a career in tv and film and perhaps most known for TV and film and the American Ninja Warrior TV series). I was so happy to sit down with Tim and hear about his search for human meaning and experience through movement and nature.

I have to say I was a little star struck. But we share a similar path of seeking and searching, working with innovators and mentors as well as losing our health to a vegan diet and then recovering our health with traditional and ancestral animal foods and ways of life.

Watch it on my YouTube channel beginning Tuesday 8am EST. 

Join me, Saturday 9th January, 2pm UK / 9am EST (2 hours) for my Yoga workshop: Your Gift Led Life: 2021 Live Your Life of Meaning: 



Let’s look to the ancient Yoga traditions to support our modern Yoga lives. Are you ready to live your life as you often dream it could be? 

This in depth workshop will cover 4 aspects to chart your course for the New Year  – with a full heart, wise mind and respect for your precious gifts and your precious time! 

Cost £20 Book Now


What to Stream 

1. Meditation (15 min)
I Am This Body. Yet I Am Not Limited. I Am Beyond Limitation
I Am This Body. Yet I Am Not Limited. I Am Beyond Limitation. Our body is our vehicle for our life, for experience, for joy and delight and love as well as suffering or sorrow. Yet we are not limited by this. Our true nature is limitless and we can extend beyond experiences of limitation. Join me in this meditation

2. Chant! Sutra 1 (30 min)
In the chapter on practice, Patanjali lets us know that there is an active path, techniques, that we can commit to and reduce the obstacles that keep us in suffering and inhibit our Yoga experiences. Let’s delve in. I also chant word by word on each sutra so you can begin to learn each term. Chant with me!

3. Weekly Podcast (2 hours)  
I sat down with Leslie Kaminoff author of Yoga Anatomy, founder of The Breathing Project and 40 year plus practitioner inspired by his teacher Deskichar. I have known Leslie since our gritty downtown Yoga days in NYC. We had so much fun talking about our shared history of Yoga. Leslie is energetic, knowledgeable and very entertaining. We spoke for over two hours! Find the FREE podcast on my YouTube channel!

Prefer audio? Listen here. 

4. Chant! Sutra 2 (30 min)
What is Practice/Sadhana and Why We Do It – let’s understand the purpose of Yoga practice and the why we undertake these disciplines. The benefits can be life changing. Patanjali shares how this works. Let’s chant together! 

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