Apr 11, 2018

My First Chai

We arrived in Bangalore before dawn, in the deep dark cauldron of night. Shuffling and shuffled from hall to hall arriving in Customs in a dense crowd that resisted queues and spit us in fits toward the sleepy wave of an official’s hand. The hall echoed with an industrial din of thudding stamps moving from […]

May 2, 2016

Recommended Reading: Grain Brain

Hi All, I have been super busy as I finish up my coaching certificate at NYU. Finally! It has been a two year process and I have learned and grown so much. Coaching and facilitation are part of all the work I do now and in one week I will have that magical certificate and […]

Nov 10, 2014

Let’s Digest

I don’t ever suggest counting calories – dieting is so dumb, here’s my full rant on YouTube; but I do suggest understanding what they are. If we count them we might have an idea that we are counting things like fingers, or currency or pieces of chocolate. Calories are units of energy. When we eat […]