May 2, 2016

Recommended Reading: Grain Brain

Hi All,

I have been super busy as I finish up my coaching certificate at NYU. Finally!
It has been a two year process and I have learned and grown so much. Coaching and facilitation are part of all the work I do now and in one week I will have that magical certificate and a whole new way of seeng the world.

I am a little bit jealous of my friends that are reading fiction— and by that I mean new novels! I used to read so much new fiction.
Now most of my reading time has been dedicated to coaching  books for my classes and books on health for wellness inspiration.

One book I read recently and would recommend is Grain Brain. I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I was able to see where I had the occasional lapse in my gluten-free lifestyle and got back on track fast.

The science and stories about gluten’s affect on so many health concerns is compelling. Since going from 90% to 100% gluten-free, I have much less fatigue and body soreness. Just in time to bike the warm weather in NYC!

I followed up on Grain Brain with another book I would recommend— Dr. Perlmutter’s next book Brain Maker. This is all about the gut! And the good bacteria. Well, I was a good bacteria devotee for 25 years— now I am passionate about this. I have a video on easy good gut probiotic Quinoa Rejuvelac on my YouTube channel. Start making this and you will feel the vitality that comes along with  a healthy gut.

I recommend these books in print or on kindle. I read kindle on my iPhone on cold morning subway rides. It’s an easy way to grow my knowledge. And please follow the links to these books provided in this newsletter! By purchasing these books on Amazon via my links helps me to maintain my Kiki Says newsletters, blogs, and videos.

New video coming this Sunday on Kombucha. Is this a healthy probiotic for us? Kiki Says will let you know exactly what she thinks (that’s me LOL).

Best in health and stay tuned!

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