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Apr 19, 2013

Kiki’s Top Picks – Organic Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Super Foods

So many of you asked me EXACTLY which products I use and recommend so I’ve put these lists together for YOU. Now you can easily buy the wonderful organic and natural products I have used for decades. Use. Share. Click. I’ve partnered with Banyan Botanicals and Amazon to bring you the best Kiki’s Picks. Your […]

Mar 4, 2013

The Best Make-Up – Radiant Youthful – Tutorial

Kiss this! Totally raw, organic, paraben-free make-up. I am wearing Un Cover up in #22 Lip2Cheek in Smile Lip Shine in sexy Sacred. This is organic raw, pure, preservative-free, absolutely allergy-free make up. Show your compassion for beautiful you and our planet. Buy it here http://rmsbeauty.com/ http://www.live-live.com/ This song is 1995 by Anjelly Nice Hear […]

Feb 17, 2013

Better than Accutane – Goodbye Acne – Beauty Miracle Tutorial

Accutane is harmful and poisonous. Be good to yourself. Try this natural mask instead. When we use natural solutions that we make ourselves, it builds our confidence and esteem. Care for yourself everyday and in every way. 3 spoons Aztec Green Clay 1 spoon Organic Neem Powder 1 spoon Organic Castor Oil 2 drops oregano […]