Apr 7, 2013

The Magic of Coconut Oil – Great Health and Great Skin – Tutorial

Organic Coconut Oil is a healthy fat and is also known as a weight-loss fat. This omega-6 oil nourishes inside and out. It has healing properties that are anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is a great part of a healthy lifestyle and also beneficial for a cleanse or Detox. It is an important ingredient for a Candida-free cleanse and to eliminate yeast. As an anti-oxidant, organic coconut oil is also anti-aging. We can eat it from a spoon or in our foods. And we can apply to hair and skin for smooth, youthful moisture and to sooth rashes and sensitive skin.
I love this oil and have used it for years.

Be sure to buy un-bleached, unrefined, non-deodorized, and virgin Organic Coconut Oil.

And to deeply moisture be sure you are practicing my number 1 health tip – dry body brushing.

Watch these videos too to boost your health for Spring – and then let it always be Spring.

Spring Clean – http://goo.gl/bTpH6
Exfoliate and Tone – http://goo.gl/co5p3
Deep Moisture – http://goo.gl/HlqIC

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