Apr 1, 2013

Dental Health – How to Have White Cavity-Free Teeth Naturally

Yes, we can have great dental health naturally, it’s not too late! We don’t have to give all our money to the dentist to fill our cavities and replace our teeth. We can fight cavities and re-mineralize our teeth with one easy product. Let Kiki show you how in the easy video. Also includes other great natural teeth care to be kissable and free from bad breath, bad chemicals. Be healthy and happy. Kiki Flynn shows you how.

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4 Comments on “Dental Health – How to Have White Cavity-Free Teeth Naturally

  1. Lakshmi

    Dear Kiki, I am trying to subscribe but the link at the end of the video doesn’t lead me to the subscribe page. How else can I subscribe?

    And one more thing.. Have you heard of vicco vajradanti tooth powder? Been using it for a year now and also use it for my 4 year old son but alarmed to hear it actually contains nicotine like most commercial toothpastes do. Where do you get your neem bark powder and xylitol tooth powder from?

    Thanks a heap. It’s amazing you do ashtanga yoga as well. I recently went to Mysore to study under Sharath.

    Tonnes of love and best wishes for you for everything

    1. KimberlyFlynn Post author

      So glad you are watching…and so sorry It took so long to find your comment. i get so much spam here, it was buried! Subscribe to my channel here
      and I buy my favorite ayurvedic products at http://www.banyanbotanicals.com. they are organic and well priced. regrettably many products sold in India have surprise ingredients. I happily bought vicco tooth paste for years and then saw a new version – sugar-free! but the old product had no sugar listed. Oh my to have been brushing my teeth with sugar. Come visit me on facebook as Kiki Says…Kiki

  2. Tahinee Sanchez

    Hello Kiki!
    I just wanted to let you know that I am drinking triphala for almost two weeks now. My skin is looking better and I am impressed with my bowel movements and I thank you for all of that!!! The only thing that is a little hard to do for me is drink water I kind of force myself every day. Is like I forget to do it. I have a question for you the Aztec clay mask is also good for the back? My I have acne in my back and I have dark spots all over. Summer is comming and I am getting frustrated what can I do?

    1. KimberlyFlynn Post author

      Sorry I did not see our comment earlier! Yes use aztec clay on your back. and so glad you are using triphala, it is a great health tonic. and as for drinking water, add lemon juice that should help. Also shampoo running down your back can cause acne…so use all natural all the time!


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