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Feb 17, 2013

Better than Accutane – Goodbye Acne – Beauty Miracle Tutorial

Accutane is harmful and poisonous. Be good to yourself. Try this natural mask instead. When we use natural solutions that we make ourselves, it builds our confidence and esteem. Care for yourself everyday and in every way. 3 spoons Aztec Green Clay 1 spoon Organic Neem Powder 1 spoon Organic Castor Oil 2 drops oregano […]

Mar 25, 2012

#1 Hair Product – Natural and Green

You could pay more and get less. But Kiki won’t let you! This essential ingredient gives you beach hair, root lift, acts like dry shampoo, and expensive hair powder. It sops up oil and thickens. Your hair feels wild and looks great. And with the money you saved, you can treat yourself to organic kale […]

Mar 19, 2012

Natural Hair Health

Nature gave you everything you need for great hair health. She did? Thank you, Nature! These simple tips will protect, strengthen and beautify your hair.

Jan 16, 2012

Gorgeous Make-Up Removal – Natural & Green

Nourish you skin while removing make-up. Save your face and save the planet Because… This is good for you and good for the planet. Don’t use harsh chemical products on beautiful, sensitive skin. Go natural and see and feel the difference.

Mar 9, 2011

Relieve Aches, Pains and Stiffness with Oil Bath

Oil bath is a traditional, weekly Ayurvedic home remedy still practiced widely in South India. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois routinely recommends oil bath to his yoga students especially for the relief of back and knee pain as well as stiffness. Weekly oil bath reduces excess internal heat (pitta in Ayurvedic) particularly in the joints, liver, […]