Jun 9, 2013

Kiki Cooks Easy Black Beans – Secret Ingredient

Easy and healthy organic protein just for you. Only a few basic ingredients and then make the whole dish sweeter and yummier with this great Indian spice. Face it -everyone knows Kiki can’t keep a health secret, I just gotta share!

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EASY BLACK BEANS  – Healthy Vegan Protein

1 cup organic black beans – soak in water overnight or for 3 hours. Drain and rinse beans well. That soak water is what can cause gas.

Sauté 3 Tablespoons organic olive oil with half an onion sliced, and 4 cloves garlic sliced

Add beans and a pinch of mineral salt. and cover with filtered water to simmer.

Add 2 cinnamon sticks  – these wil sweeten the beans and make them aromatic and tasty. Also beans are a carminative and remove gas!

Simmer for 30  minutes and then eat with quinoa, dragon salad, brown rice or salad.


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2 Comments on “Kiki Cooks Easy Black Beans – Secret Ingredient

  1. Nancy

    Hi Kiki, my sister told me about your videos and I’ve been enjoying all the great advice you give. Thank you for sharing! One question on the beans, though. After you soaked & rinsed them, you only cooked them for a half hour…. And they are ready so fast? Wow! I grew up having to cook beans hours and hours, and STILL they were so hard to digest! I’ll definitely have to try this: maybe the trick is not HOW LONG you cook them, but cooking them with the carminative. Thanks again!

    1. KimberlyFlynn Post author

      It has to do with soaking them first! And yes, the cinnamon helps. You and your sister are awesome! Come visit me on facebook as Kiki Says. best, Kiki


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