Aug 28, 2013

2 Recipes for Essential Oils – Organic Beauty Oil & Deep Moisture Mask

We are assaulted with chemicals everyday which are harmful and toxic. In our personal care and home – let’s choose natural and organic and give ourselves the gift of true beauty.

Almond oil base combines with Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils. These essential oils are not simply fragrances, they capture and impart the very nature of the plants and flowers. You will smell, feel and be incredible.

200 mil Almond Oil
141 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
123 drops Geranium Essential Oil

This nourishing and healing beauty serum will bring peace mind of mind and calm to women in all stages of life. You will bask in beauty and ease.

Clary Sage supports women in all stages of life for therapeutic balance as well as skincare. For mature skin and sun damaged skin research has shown it improves texture and smoothness.

Geranium is highly prized for tis bright and rich fragrance and it’s effect in calming our minds. In skincare it acts as anti-microbial and balances water smooths cellulite and edema. This is beauty’s natural toner and harmonizer.

Deep Moisture PM – Night Time Mask – Natural Tutorial

Before you sleep, once a week apply this deep moisturizing organic beauty bliss. All organic, all natural, and deeply nourishing.
We nourish and heal not only through food choices, but all the senses. Apply and experience with all your self for mind and body wellness. Frankincense has been prized higher than gold in its long history. Research shows Frankincense diminishes fine lines and smooths the skin. It is wonderful for mature skin but benefits all skin.

To make
50 Millimeters Organic Olive Oil
50 Millimeters Organic Castor Oil
130 drops Pure Frankincense Oil

Mix in a dark glass bottle and keep in fridge. Once a week deeply massage this over your face and throat. Rest for 20 minutes enjoying the deep peace and calm of nature’s beauty. Then pat off with a warm washcloth. Sweet dreams.

Find my favorite organic face cloths (for Baby too) as well as organic oils  here on my blog.

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Here’s the videos.


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