Aug 20, 2014

Things Are Getting Intense.

This Spring I went back to NYU to study for a certificate in Coaching and Leadership. Talk about intense.
Cycling and trekking through snowstorms to spend weekends in class?
Reading 15 new books, 100s of pages a week, writing papers, sitting exams and doing homework?
Learning facilitation and practicing it for hours and hours in class and in practice sessions?
Learning to identify core values (my own and clients) as the foundation for goals to ensure effective actions and outcomes?
So why the heck did I do it? Actually I’m still in it and hope to complete my certificate in November.

Well I realize there are two kinds of people (OK, an oversimplification but for the point of this newsletter bear with me).

Group 1. People who love yoga and love doing it.
Group 2. People who have no interest in doing yoga but due to wellness concerns begrudgingly take it up to improve their health.

Some Group 2 people stay with it. For a time. Most quit.

As many of you know, taking up yoga is not just an hour or two a week of breath and movement, it’s the beginning of a lifestyle shift; replacing nearly every habit that got the Group 2. folks into the situation that they’re in. And now they have to adopt less familiar, less meaningful, less comforting habits.

Now these Group 2 people are successful individuals in nearly every area of their lives, shouldn’t they just be successful here too? Regrettably they aren’t.
Ok, so, let’s say, it’s not them.

It’s me.

Is there more I could do? What have I overlooked or failed to do to engage these awesome individuals to change?

Well, that’s where coaching comes in. The good news? It works. And I am thrilled to expand my skill set to guide and support clients in changes that lead to success.

So now I integrate a “coach approach” in my teaching, and I am working with new coaching clients on making change in every area of their lives.

One my fave books from my course work is What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

If you have questions about coaching or are interested in being coached, let me know.

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