Mar 19, 2015

Healing is Not in the Pill

Healing is Not in the Pill or One Perfect Supplement

Healing cannot be ordered, bought, ingested, downloaded or transplanted.
Healing is more like a magic, a transformation and alchemy. More like love.
Healing is not in the pill, the perfect supplement or in one balanced meal,
Healing is closer to grace.
To attain to grace, to qualify, we perform ritual, prayers, move to the mystery, seek the subtle, the unseen, dote on the deity, cry out in longing.
Daily we take good meals, day after day we seek the best supports, and daily we connect with a caring community.

We do so with faith.
Daily faith.
Faith daily.
And some how, and finally it seems so sudden, and what a blessing, when at last grace arrives.
The light of grace bathes, nourishes and renews.

When we are sick, even 24-hour food poisoning becomes unbearable, the body racked with pain, doubled over in nausea, heaving with vomiting. Even when told, don’t worry it will be over soon, suffering feels unendurable; in suffering we see no end and we lose our faith. After 24 hours, when health arrives, we are elated.

When we live without good health or with mental distress for an extended time we may find we have lost hope. And added to the labor of living in poor form, the protocols to healing are heaped with difficulty. Health is no longer familiar; it is in the past. Elusive. Unknown. Once lost, can it be found?
Any change that is not immediate, Abracadabra, is too slow.  Often we quit before the change because we lack the faith that is needed to endure.

In the Indian traditions, food is first offered to God. The cook does not taste the food as she prepares it, does not lick from the spoon, or smell the spice, or eat as she goes. The meal – its flavors and fragrance are reserved for the Beloved to enjoy first. A small plate is offered to the God, with prayer and the ringing of a bell. The meal may be placed before the Beloved on the altar, a curtain is closed, and God takes Her meal in privacy. When the curtain is opened, this meal is now transformed by God’s blessing and this blessed meal is called Prasad. Prasad is grace. Now all the family shares in this small but potent portion. Too it is understood that all the meal is blessed. In faith the family’s meal now nourishes body, mind and spirit.

Seeking grace, we fill out the ordinary supports of daily living. We know so much, do so much, try everything we can and simultaneously we cannot see that too there is much we do not know.
Look to the mystery with new eyes.

Step by step, move into healing, and allow healing to gather, to replenish and transform you.

Take a moment before each meal, and each nourishing healing protocol, to gather your faith and beckon the grace of healing.
In the Yoga tradition it is said that Freedom comes to one who has faith and fortitude.

Faith and Fortitude to all,


Find your Essential You with a little help from Kiki.  Make sure to read to the end of the blog post for a quick tip on listening to your inner self.

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  1. Full Spectrum Mama

    Love this wise perspective on healing and grace.
    One of my favorite insights on healing came from…Pope Francis?! He said something like, [paraphrase] “Healing is not necessarily about being made completely well, but about becoming whole”…
    Beautiful post,


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