May 7, 2018

Meet Me in Dubai – Wellness and Beauty – May 18 & 19


Greetings from Mysuru, India.

I am here studying Sanskrit chanting, and Yoga Philosophy with my teacher Dr. M.A. Jayashree.

I met her 18 years ago as I set out to find a Sanskrit porfessor and tutor to learn traditonal chants to support my yoga pracitce and teaching, and to deepen my understanding of mind, awareness, and conciousness.

When we think of Yoga, we think of the physical postures, breathing systems, and meditation. And these are all practices that lead to more and more self-awareness and evenutally, equanimity and joy.

The way we pracitce yoga, and our yoga goals, in our busy, modern city lives, are all very differnt than the ancient ways of retreating to a forest. But we can still look to the benefits of freedom from mental stress and anguish, and the steadiness of mind that flow from daily practices accumualted over years of daily commitment.

In my travels to India, I also learned a great deal about everyday wellness, self care and beauty. And I have been following these ways for many years, as you know from my YouTube channel. All this aligns perfectly with making safe, sustainable and organic choices that benefit oneself and make the least impact on our environemnts.

Part of the added excitement of coming to India is stopping over Dubai on the way back to New York and visitng my friends at Yoga Nilaya and sharing Wellness and Beauty (and chai).  It is more than 2 years since I visited Dubai and I look forward to returning, and staying for a few extra days of exploring.

Please click the link here to learn more.

I have more travel plans on the horizon! I hope to meet you soon.

Here are some recent photos – A temple ceremony, my teachers Jayashree and her brother Narasimhan, and this local girl on a bike.






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