Nov 8, 2020

KikiTV Weekly Schedule (November 9, 2020)

Here’s what to watch this week on Zoom on KikiTV, where you can find hundreds of hours of videos and events to watch live and stream — all classes are free to try! 

November 9 – Monday
Meditation (15 min)

I forgive myself. I forgive others. I am free. 
Resentment and anger can keep us in harm’s way. Let go. Forgive and open to new possibilities.

November 9 – Monday 
Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 1 (45 min) 

Let’s begin to uncover the qualities of Yoga mind and illumination.

November 11 – Wednesday
Kiki Weekly Event – Affirmations (30 min)
Plant the powerful seeds of the messages you choose to shape your meaningful life. Affirmations are essential for our personal development and success in love, life and career. Otherwise we are victim to outdated habitual thoughts that will not bear the fruits we choose and hope for.

November 12 – Thursday
Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 2 (45 min)

What is this Yoga all about? What are we working so hard for? It is to remove the obstacles in our consciousness that obscure our joy. So, let’s carry on!

What to Stream

1. No Bull$%^& Just Yoga
Purushartha: The Four Aims of Life
Yoga shares a path for our human life. This path is Purushartha and outlines the purpose of Being and is composed of Four Aims. Practicing these Four Aims is the opportunity to fulfill an integrated and holistic potential of being human. Our human life is seen as a gift and opportunity to thrive. Watch here

2. Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 1 (45 min) 
Let us uncover the structure that supports the unfolding of these first 16 sutras. In doing so we unlock a deeper understanding of these sutras and the keys to freedom from suffering. Chant with me! 

3. Meditation (15 min)
Today I Easily Face the Present & the Future: Wise & Unafraid
Stuck in the past, fearing the future, we may not show up to look after our best life day after day. Let this powerful meditation bring you clearly to this moment. Meditate with me

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