Nov 16, 2020

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Here are all the classes and events you can join LIVE this week + wellness and mindset videos you can stream!

November 16 – Monday
Meditation (15 min)

I like who I am. I am living the life I choose. I am living the life I love. Let’s be done with negative self-talk and speak words of kindness and support to guide today and every day.

November 16 – Monday 
Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 1 (45 min) 

What is citta? The whole theory of Yoga occurs here in citta. Let’s chant and uncover the ground of our experience.

November 18 – Wednesday
Kiki Weekly Event – Affirmations (30 min)
Kiki Weekly Event – Affirmations: Plant the powerful seeds of the messages you choose to shape your meaningful life. Affirmations are essential for our personal development and success in love, life and career. Otherwise we are victim to outdated habitual thoughts that will not bear the fruits we choose and hope for. 
(Due to technical difficulties last week, I am sharing this event anew).

November 19 – Thursday
Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 2 (45 min)

What is Yoga practice? Let’s get back to basics on why we practice, and how it can change our life.

KikiTV classes and events coming to you, LIVE, from my sailboat! Did you know I am living on my sailboat and traveling across the ocean? Here is morning sunrise in Cape May, NJ.

What to Stream

1. Meditation (15 min)
I Forgive Myself, I Forgive Others…I Am Free
Stuck in the past, fearing the future, we may not show up to look after our best life day after day. Let this powerful meditation bring you clearly to this moment. Join me in this meditation

2. Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 1 (45 min) 
The Sutras point to several paths to be at ease and peace in our own minds and lives. Let’s chant and review these paths. Chant with me!

3. Chant! Yoga Sutras – Chapter 2 (45 min) 
What is the purpose of Yoga? All these practices for what? To uncover our true identity which is a self beyond suffering. As we chant we uncover our purpose. Let’s Chant Together.

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