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Aug 26, 2012

US Weekly & Kiki Says

US Weekly called me a Yoga Guru. How’d that happen? Great PR. The work of Emily Parr a savvy, beautifully accessorized, dry body brusher who works publicity at Pure Yoga where I’m a program director. According to US Weekly, not only do I teach yoga to the stars, I also share nature’s health and beauty […]

Jul 22, 2009

Great to B Back

What goes around comes around. That’s what people say. But do people know what they mean? Seems they mean the law of karma. Some guy made off with 50 billion and when he’s wearing numbered jammies and eating slop off a cafeteria tray, people grin and say, What goes around comes around. Folks are pleased […]

Jul 3, 2009

He Gonna Bend But He Ain’t Gonna Fall

Seemed when a man shot junk into his arm, thousands of tiny gyroscopes chugged through his veins like Pac Men. Gangly H users, their eyes dialled so far past white to be as good as shut, stepped into moving traffic. Not from the green but from well in between. They surfed a swath of tarmac […]