Aug 26, 2012

US Weekly & Kiki Says

US Weekly called me a Yoga Guru.
How’d that happen?
Great PR.
The work of Emily Parr a savvy, beautifully accessorized, dry body brusher who works publicity at Pure Yoga where I’m a program director.
According to US Weekly, not only do I teach yoga to the stars, I also share nature’s health and beauty secrets one-on-one and free-for-all via Youtube.
Sounds right to me.
Yoga, as I have lived it these 30 years, is an important component of wellness. Whole foods and homegrown beauty rituals like Dry Body Brushing are too.

As for Madonna, US Weekly hints that super fit Madonna may be dry body brushing.
Looking at the banner photo of her dancer’s thighs and recalling her awesome yoga fitness, she may well be.
During our sessions I was in awe of her skin.
Her arms, shoulders and throat were as lush as the cream Claridges serves with its gluten-free scones.
I gushed and she said, “ When you see photos of me running in a long-sleeved turtleneck, baseball cap, and giant sunglasses? It’s not because I am hiding from photographers.”
She was eluding a more pernicious enemy – the sun. A beauty basic she began at age19.

Students ask – how was it to teach Madonna? Was she a good student?
Top tier: 100% focus, incredible physical ability, and absolute dedication.

This last week people are asking – were there perks?
Yes, I taught yoga to Madonna. For several years.
It’s in the article.

When I began yoga, soymilk tasted like gym socks muddled with formaldehyde. Organic food? Only a fool (Kiki) could fall for the hype paying more for less. I had my convictions then same as today, but it was a stretch to imagine a yoga renegade, paraben-phobic East Villager teaching daily yoga to a cultural/creative super nova.
Other perks?
When I partied like it was 1999, it was1999 and I was dancing on Plexiglas with Madonna at Donatella Versace’s South Beach Y2K.
And though we did not sleep together (yes, a common question) I did drop to all fours, grasp her fair ankles and pull both legs behind her head. Day in and day out.

So how did the US Weekly article impact the analytics for Kiki Says my yoga and health channel?
1000 new views in one day.
Dry Body Brushing – The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health.
And my analytics.
That and Tongue Cleaning.
Which of course, you can learn here.

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