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Aug 4, 2009

Do the Tussle

Never seen a sign in a window advertising Wanted Surly Waitress But years ago, that was my number one career goal. Well, number two, if I count starring in a Sundance Award-Winning Film as number one. Or maybe number three if I could have earned while lounging peignoir-clad in bed all day reading Colette. My waitress […]

Jul 3, 2009

He Gonna Bend But He Ain’t Gonna Fall

Seemed when a man shot junk into his arm, thousands of tiny gyroscopes chugged through his veins like Pac Men. Gangly H users, their eyes dialled so far past white to be as good as shut, stepped into moving traffic. Not from the green but from well in between. They surfed a swath of tarmac […]

Jun 30, 2009

My Precious

Don’t accuse me. I’ll confess. My eating habits are unconventional. I’m whole-food vegetarian since celebrated Angelica Kitchen occupied a hot jammed storefront one block east of Trash and Vaudeville on grimy Saint Marks Place. As a chopstick clicking, glassy-eyed evangelical  macro-neophyte, I rained a heavy-hand of sesame gomasio onto every mouthful of hijiki-laced Dragon Bowl. My […]