Apr 19, 2011

How to Get Rid of Cellulite – How to Dry Brush

Yes you can get rid of cellulite and tone and smooth your skin with this easy daily traditional natural remedy. It Works! Lose wight, get slim, be healthy and happy.

Buy this dry brush here
Dry Brush

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9 Comments on “How to Get Rid of Cellulite – How to Dry Brush

    1. Kiki Post author

      Thank you for watching. I am so happy to share. Keep watching and do subscribe on YouTube. Best Kiki

    2. Kiki Post author

      so happy to hear it. keep watching… and subscribe on YouTube, andy questions, please ask…Kiki

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    1. Kiki Post author

      such good news! so glad you are dry-brushing…it is a great companion to yoga and all good health…best, Kiki

    1. Kiki Post author

      Hi Sharon, use a vegetable bristle brush with a wood handle, every health food store sells them. Keep it dry, or else the wood will rot. and best in health, Kiki

  2. Willeke

    Kiki, just discovered your insights.
    Love to dry brush too and would like to try the one you suggest but can not seem to find the link on your blog where to buy it?
    Could you please send me a link how and where to buy the brush online?

    Thank you,



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