Feb 25, 2014

Oil Pulling – Kiki Speaks

Kiki, do you oil pull?

No I don’t oil pull.

if I could ever have a last word on something, let it be this. And now. No, I don’t do oil pulling.

Kiki, can you make a video on oil pulling?

No, I’m sorry I can’t. Because I don’t do it.

Why oil pulling is good?

Oil pulling improves over all immunity as well as gum and dental health. It detoxes gums, tongue and tonsils. It whitens teeth. It tones facial muscles and takes years off your appearance.

To begin this traditional Indian health practice, swish a tablespoon of organic oil around your mouth for 20 minutes a day systematically targeting areas between all your teeth while puffing your cheeks in and out.  As you oil pull, the oil will get foamy, frothy and pretty gross. After 20 minutes, spit it out. Repeat daily for a month.

And you will feel awesome.

Why oil pulling is bad?

If you have dental implants, crowns, inlays or other dental work – oil pulling could pull these out!

Kiki, why don’t you oil pull?

For decades I daily use organic oils externally in my health and beauty care as well as internally as a supplement and in cooking.

I am the oiliest, slipperiest person I know. In my utopia all beauty products and moisturizers are created from organic and essential oils and other pure ingredients. In my utopia we are all one happy shiny people.


I do NOT oil pull because it makes me gag.

Here’s my healthy morning dental routine, watch these videos.

Here’s my favorite organic oils. Buy them through my store (and support my free blog posts and videos)

And here’s a yummy oily recipe that keeps you and the planet pretty.

Castor Oil Image


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