Nov 20, 2020

Keen on Yoga Podcast with Kiki Flynn + Yoga Workshop

Thankful to Adam Keen for inviting me to his podcast for a lively discussion on my Yoga journey! 

For the full interview, visit: https://www.keenonyoga.co.uk/yoga-podcast-with-kiki/

It began with a vision. A sound really, and sunlight. In Beirut. 
I had dreamed of visiting Beirut since I was a child. My parents had gone and brought home wonderful stories and baklava. And new friends. And so I have had remarkable Lebanese friends throughout my life. And now I had an invitation to Cynthia Ayoub’s wedding and another invitation from
Rima Rabath to teach Yoga Souk. 
And so I wandered along the coronage and down to Saint George Bay for a coffee and watched the world pass by. I laid back on a bench and wondered, where would I would like to be two years from now (I confess I had a scheduled call with my coach that afternoon and my homework was a series of steps to build out my vision – and I was using this moment to dream it – and then I had to write this vision and sign it like a contract for 2 years from this very day)?
And eyes closed, sun warming my jet lagged limbs, my mind opening outward like petals on a bloom, I heard the clanking of the halyards on the masts. The voices of sailors calling out to one another with laughter. I sat up and looked at the sailboats, at the timeless ancient harbor.
And then a voice spoke up “you are living on your sailboat and traveling the world and visiting global marinas.” I had not sailed in 40 years! And only as child and young teen in sailing camps. But I was so inspired and awakened, I set to it.
Two years later to that very day I bought a boat. And now, Dear Friends, it has begun! I am teaching a New Years Workshop with Keen on Yoga. You can find that, along with many amazing workshops and teachers, here: https://www.keenonyoga.co.uk/yoga-workshops/

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