Dec 9, 2013

Yoga in the Mainstream

It never occurred to me that I could be anything other than unconventional, progressive, curious and experimental.

When I was at University studying acting I left the Lee Strassberg School and the Method Acting that had galvanized Marilyn Monroe and Al Pacino because it seemed old fashioned and lifeless.  I earned my degree in Experimental Theater which is where I was introduced to yoga, macrobiotics, shiatsu, organics, green living, community responsibility. That was 30 years ago. Experiment: look at everything, every way, means path to learn, grow, think and spark.

If anyone or everyone thought or thinks I was weird or eclectic, well what to do? I can only be me. I can’t be some one else. Let alone someone else’s idea of someone else. Besides the mainstream is so crowded I’ll just be over here wandering off the beaten path.

Today Yoga is mainstream so obviously it doesn’t hold my interest. Mainstream Yoga, that is.  How many minutes of Mainstream Yoga does a person need a day? Or Reality TV?  Or Diamond Dash?

I mean if Mainstream Yoga is so great, how could Lululemon be so bad?

Yoga is a mind that is vast yet precise, engaging through keen senses and a full heart. When this Yoga is mainstream #Tweet me @kikisez

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