Dec 8, 2013

Essential Eye Serum – Geranium and Neroli – Tutorial

Buying mystery goop in a jar for a lot of money is like playing the lottery: you hope you’ll pick a lucky combo and actually look and feel more beautiful. Well don’t waste your time, money, or dreams – make your own beauty oils and serums and be a winner every time.

My serum smells and feels so lovely and will make you look so clear, you’ll be hooked to natural beauty. Buy a few extra blue bottles and share this for a perfect holiday gift. And yes, this is for men and women.

Here’s what you’ll need –

1 cobalt blue or amber glass jar  – to hold 2 ounces

2 ounces/60 milliliters of  Sweet Almond Oil or Evening Primrose Oil.

20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil

20 drops of Neroli Oil

Work with glass containers and a small plastic funnel – no metal!

Order the best sourced  oils at a fair price here  at Starwest Botanicals   – click on the link

Don’t miss the video here.


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