Dec 1, 2013

Better Than A Flu Shot

These days we tend to eat very few foods.

We have an idea that broccoli is healthy and so the only green in the fridge is broccoli. Or kale. Every day, all year, for every meal in every town and city.

Now broccoli and kale are flown around the globe and trucked across the land to fulfill this demand while seasonal, regional veggies are overlooked and ignored.

Daikon, turnips, pumpkin, winter squash, rutabaga are probably not on your shopping list but these true winter staples are mineral rich, hearty, warming foods.

These can be roasted, baked and turned into chunky or pureed soups.

They can also be pickled.

Naturally fermented pickles and kim chi preparation seem daunting. Puuh-lease, who has the time? But once the jars are lined up in the fridge they are fast and ready to eat and a lazy Kiki staple.  Pickles boost our internal flora and health all year long. Their bold flavors replace the desire to eat crappy chemically boosted food.

In other words, let’s make more pickles.

Daikon and Cabbage Kim Chi (sugar, soy, and fish-free)

Daikon – 2 long peices cut into medium chunks

Red or Green Heavy Cabbage  – I head sliced and slivered

Leek – 1 leek sliced or 2 scallion

Mineral or Sea Salt – 1 Tablespoon

Garlic – 2 cloves sliced

Red Chili Peppers – 2 sliced without seeds

Apple – 1 sliced to sweeten to the kim chi

Naturally Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar – 2 Tablespoons

Red Pepper Flakes – ¼ cup

Place prepared daikon, cabbage, leek, garlic, apple and raw red pepper into a sturdy large non-metal bowel, mix with salt, and by hand massage and break the cabbage.  Let mixed veggies sit for up to one hour, until daikon sweats and some water collects at the bottom of the bowl.

Add pepper flakes and cider vinegar, Mix well by hand with a glove. Pack tightly into clean jars that have been rinsed with boiling water.

Seal lids to 90 degrees tightness and then place on platter and put in a dark cupboard or the oven– with NO heat on.

Let sit for 24-48 hours. When you see small bubbles rising, tighten lids all the way, and store in fridge.

Here’s Kiki’s list to ease you on the pickle path.

I love these old fashioned blue jars. They make picking so pretty!



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