Sep 30, 2014

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Global warming, climate change, rising waters, and catastrophic weather patterns are no longer exaggerations but actual consequences of our fossil fuel dependent global crisis.

Whether you made it to the Climate March, or not you may feel over-informed or overwhelmed by the topic and wonder what you, 1 person or a small family, can actually do.

Well, if you’ve watch my YouTube videos, read my blog and have begun to shift to more and more organic choices then you’re not only looking after your own health and supporting safe organic farming, you’re also saying no to agriculture that uses petroleum based fertilizers insecticides and pesticides. If you’re buying local than you’ve said no to food that’s often shipped and trucked around the world at a huge petroleum carbon footprint.

And if you understand what I mean by Natural Beauty and you’re buying your self-care organic oils, essential oils and organic bulk herbs like Triphala and Turmeric, then you’ve minimized the amount of plastic you’re willing to tolerate.

To understand how meaningful your choices are, and to keep you inspired, read and share my newest article as Natural Beauty Expert at About.com – Natural Beauty and Climate Control.

Personal Footprint
Climate change, global warming and rising waters are a dire concern for the safety and future of our planet, and its human and animal populations. Global warming, known as greenhouse effect, is caused by an unsustainable increase in carbon dioxide and other emissions, known as greenhouse gases. In the US, 80% of our greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuel primarily petroleum and natural gas.  Read on.

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