Oct 6, 2014

Chasing Wellness and Yoga Tools to Heal

Yoga and Ayurveda accept that all is temporal, ever changing; that our mind, emotions, vigor, inspiration, desires shift and are continuously affected by the shifting universe and it’s seasons, times of day, atmosphere, the company we keep, press, politics, goals met and those unmet or even outmoded and inappropriate.

Wellness then is illusive.

But when I feel well, I know it.
How are you?
I’m well, thank you. How are you?
Not so good.

How to shift from not so good to well?

We carry a dream health state in our mind’s eye, an ideal menu, work schedule, and a perfect plan.
If only I can get a green juice today, a kale salad, not drink tonight, quit smoking, eat less red meat, wake up earlier, get to bed sooner, be free from that toxic boss, partner or parent…then I’ll be happy.
We have a long list of needs, and this is important, we recognize we’re complex, though we long for simplicity and simple solutions.
We struggle but we’re wise; we already know or feel deeply what steps we can take or do.
Too often we don’t choose these and then lag in a chase for wellness or mourn a sense of wellness lost or never to be.
Bundled with this loss is a “less-than” feeling and an “if only”, the descent of a looming failure and self-abandonment.
Review your wellness toolkit, draft a long list of all the things you know help and heal you. Kale salad is a not a fixed prescription or the wonder cure nor is more coffee. A walk along the river, a day to sleep late, a fresh bouquet in a vase, a long Skype with a faraway friend, a new flirtation, an indie film – all of these heal, support and help. Nourish each sense and assuage each ache with care.
As you feel your wellness shift, shift your prescription by identifying the source that calls out for attention and address that specific need with love. Rather than starve or drown the needs, give each a gift.

The stars are not fixed, nor our poetic hearts, or ambitions. Awareness is the instrument of the Yogi, it is the here and now. Observe closely and without judgment or rejection, and guide your breath to loosen the bonds and reveal the solution.

Adapt, adjust, accommodate. This is the highest Yoga.
– Swami Sivananda

Dear Friend, take care of your precious Self, I assure you, you cannot fail.


And here’s a favorite daily wellness support.

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