Oct 13, 2014

All Day, Every Day

One of the questions I am most often asked,

Kiki, can you tell me your exact routine from the moment you get up and what you do and eat throughout the day?
Yes, I can.
And I will.
To answer that question and more I’ve begun writing a book, which many of you have also asked for, and I have to say, I am so grateful for your support.
But before I tell you exactly what I do, first I’ll tell you what I like to do.
I have the strongest urge to do nothing,
By nothing, I mean, sleep late.
Late is 7am or Heavens, please, 9am.
I love lolling like a cat, and snuggling in deep to my pillows and eco wool blankets.
I adore curling around my beloved or draping and lounging with limbs braided together.
On my favorite nothings is getting up, making coffee and crawling back in bed to sip while languidly turning the pages of a magazine.
And then falling back asleep again.
For an extra long nothing, I’ll toss to the bed a stack of unread New Yorker magazines, Architectural Digest and books ordered and not yet begun and spread them all around me, and read serially as I take in vital information, culture, news, yoga, wellness, wit and design.
I love holidays and trips, or sleep-overs here with friends, where we can sleep late, sit on a terrace or at a kitchen table and talk for hours, with my knees tucked up in front of me still in pajamas at noon.
At my friend Val’s home in Hudson NY, she has a rolling backyard with chairs and tables and an antique iron bed covered with brightly woven rugs. I’ve spent my last 2 birthdays with her and her husband, so I could daydream on that bed under a shade tree gazing at a blue summer sky without a care in the world.
My hosts are the best and they ask me “what do you want to do today?”
Just be here with you.
I don’t want to hike, climb a mountain, shop, or swim. Plop me next to a lake or alongside the surf.
Lead me to the kitchen, I’ll prep food, cook, eat, but slow as a lemur.
That, friends, is what I want to do, and once or twice a month I may do just that.

I can honestly say I have never had a paid vacation, a paid sick day, a paid personal day (can’t even imagine what that is). When I worked in film and TV, I had a paid lunch hour but that may have been a total of 150 working days of my entire life.
Over the 20 years that I traveled to India for studies, I woke by 4am. While in India, I often rose at 2:30am to have time for all my pre-practice chanting, breathing work and study and be out the door and into the quiet pre-dawn by 4:15am for a 4:30 class. After 2 hours of intense yoga practice I often had up to 4 hours a day of Sanskrit and philosophy study, as well as daily afternoon visits with my teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, for 1-2 hours.
Operating a yoga school and directing yoga programs I usually woke at 4am, 6 days a week and sent myself to bed like a child at 8 or 9pm. Now I wake at 5:30am or 6am and bike 10-15 miles a day on appointments.
From undergrad years and onward, I have been in dance and theater or yoga classes, often rehearsing past midnight and bartending till 1 am or 4am and still woke early for Yoga. And I am still in class, back at NYU earning a certificate in coaching and leadership.
I have overexerted so consistently for decades, with inordinate discipline, that sometimes I wish it would just go away.
But because of an early taste for yoga along with wellness and plant based organic lifestyle, and incredible teachers, healers and guides, I’ve had the support to exceed structures and limitations and to explore up ahead of the mainstream (where it is often quite lonely), to continue to study and work hard at things I love.
Yoga serves the mind, health serves the body, which serves the mind, and at some point the mind can serve community.
I hope to inspire you to honor your essential self, to embrace your path and to share your
gift. And to do that, I’ll keep sharing wellness and yoga insights and supports with you.

Ok, here are 3 things I definitely do everyday – all in one special video.

If you aren’t already taking Triphala, Dry Brushing and taking daily Oil Massage, I hope this video will get you started, as these are the foundation of my morning.

Along with a nummy cup of coffee or tea.

Also 3 Courses with me coming up …more info below this video!

3 Courses

You Don’t Have to Make Changes Alone, Join a Community

I invite you join me on a deeply healing 40-Day Journey that begins on the New Moon of October 23rd. This unique and profound e-course will share my deepest insights and wellness applications guided in collaboration with my friend Sherene, an internationally published Astrologer, Jungian Therapist and inspired author.  Register for our daily emails, journaling topics, private Facebook community group and wellness recipes for Body, Mind and Spirit.  Additionally we have 2 subscriptions remaining that also offer a private consultation each with Sherene and I.

Read more and register here.

Also on October’s Workshop List

Dive into the Yoga Sutras – Chanting and Storytelling.

October 18th at Bhakti Barn in New Jersey.

October 26th at Jaya Yoga East in Brooklyn.

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