Jan 3, 2021

Members Only Access: KikiTV Weekly Schedule (January 4, 2020)

Here’s what’s free and the Best of 2020! 

Listen to my interview (Kiki Says it All) with Harmony Slater on the Harmony Slater podcast AND my interview with Adam Keen on the Keen on Yoga Podcast. I share stories, discuss my Yoga journey and much more! Listen for FREE.

PLUS: I was so happy to be invited to the MeatRx podcast as a Yoga Expert: Watch the full podcast here. 

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January 4 – Monday
Meditation (15 min)
There are A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground. A Thousand Ways to Go Home Again. Support your hope, faith and vision. Rumi’s beautiful poetry guides us to vision beyond what we see. Stream on KikiTV.Life

January 4 – Monday, 11AM EST (check below for your time zone) 
Sutra Chapter 1 – Live on Zoom (45 min) 
Imagine your consciousness as a perfect jewel. Without the continuous expression of habitual thought (vrttis) our mind is as a clear crystal illuminating all as it is. This is Yoga mind.

January 9 – Saturday 
I am preparing for Saturday’s New Year Your Gift-Led Life workshop!  

Saturday 9th January, 2pm UK / 9am EST (2 hours)
Your Gift Led Life: 2021 Live Your Life of Meaning: 

Let’s look to the ancient Yoga traditions to support our modern Yoga lives. Are you ready to live your life as you often dream it could be? 

This in depth workshop will cover 4 aspects to chart your course for the New Year  – with a full heart, wise mind and respect for your precious gifts and your precious time! 

Cost £20 Book Now

What to Stream 

1. Kiki Thrive Event: Sankalpah (45 mins) 
New Year’s Resolutions in light of Yoga knowledge. How can we turn to the life we desire and meet our goals? Let’s look at the concept of “auspicious visualization” known as Sankalpah. Watch here

2. Meditation (15 min)
Mindfulness Lights My Path
Mindfulness Lights My Path. I See a Clear Solution For Each and Every Concern and Hope. My Life is My Own. Residing in the mindful moment, each moment, lights our path and clears the way to see the best course forward for each and every opportunity and goal. Join me in this meditation

3. Chant! Sutra 2 (30 min)
Our consciousness is filled with obstacles that prevent change. A front of mind desire, longing, discipline or directive is not enough to uncover and remove the conflicts. Let’s look at this more closely. Chant with me!

4. Weekly Podcast featuring Tim Shieff (1 hour)
Movement As a Path to Truth and Human Potential with Tim Shieff
In the early days of YouTube the most thrilling content was being shared by extreme movement artists and athletes especially in Parkour / Free Running and extreme sports and this is when I first became aware of Tim Shieff and his incredible boundary pushing and seemingly effortless movement.

Tim Shieff was break dancing and walking in handstands when he became inspired to try Parkour. He became a dedicated practitioner and it opened up a world where he was a sponsored athlete and had opportunities to compete as well as work in film and television (and he may be especially known for his standout abilities in the Ninja Warrior series). Tim continues to explore movement and learn from great mentors, pioneers, and from nature. He is also committed to unlocking human truth and the potential for expanded consciousness through body / mind seeking.

Tim is sharing Way of the Rope inspired by David Weck of The Weck Method.
Find Tim’s ropes and trainings here and get a DISCOUNT with a special code: http://wayoftherope.co.uk/
Code: KIKI20

Find out more about Tim and follow him here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humantimothy
Way of the Rope: https://www.instagram.com/wayoftherope


5. I was so happy to be invited to the MeatRx podcast as a Yoga Expert: 
Watch the full podcast (for free) here. 


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