Jan 2, 2014

Yoga Exercises for the Hips and Butt with Kiki Flynn Natural Health and Yoga Expert

Click on the image here to watch my video for Livestrong.com on yoga exercises for the hips and butt with Melini Jesudason.


I’m Kiki Flynn and this is Yoga exercises for the hips and butt. When we practice Yoga for strength we develop incredible overall tone and then we’re beach body ready everyday of the year. We begin with chair pose. Turn and bend and arms go up, inhale, breath. We take Yoga for firmness, strength, and tone not for stretch so we’re narrowing squeezing the hips in, toning and squeezing the thighs, narrowing the waist. Lets slide the leg back to a warrior pose and here we are not in a stretch but a firm tight standing tone and with strong toned legs come up and pivot over the front leg and down we go and take your head back a little further. Squeeze the legs in, tone the waist, tone the abdomen and you really to feel that you’re overall tone action from head to toe and we’ll step forward for one more chair pose, head back, squeeze it down, narrow the waist, arms up, head back further, squeeze, squeeze, and we can release, great.

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