Nov 18, 2013

Smoothies Make You Fat – Ayurveda 101

I don’t care how healthy you believe your smoothie is.

How many expensive, organic super foods you’ve lovingly blended with nut milks, global dried berries, hand-foraged seeds, grass fed whey products, heirloom oils and green lake-sourced powders.

If its cold, thick, damp and wet then when you drink it, it’s still cold, thick, damp and wet.  Now your tissue, your digestive tract, your body, YOU are cold, thick, damp and wet.

Welcome to Ayurveda 101.

Like increases like.

In Ayurvedic terms, a smoothie’s qualities are kapha in nature and increase our kapha nature. Are you snotty, phlegmy, cold, sluggish?

With the same qualities as ice cream, cold thick drinks create dampness,phlegm and thickness.

Kapha. Kapha. Kapha.

Cold things make us cold. Dry things make us dry. Hot foods make us hot and red-faced and agitated. That is the nature of environment and food affecting our nature.

Nature has her own nature: the seasons. Our survival relies on adjusting and adapting to each season. In winter we dress warmly, eat warm soups and stews, and increase insulating tissue at our hips and thighs so we don’t become cold and ill and die.

In summer we also adjust.  To stay cool we eat light, raw meals and keep hydrated to avoid becoming overheated, dehydrated and dead.

What’s best for summer is not best for winter.

The best meal plan and lifestyle choices for someone who needs weight gain is not the best plan or choices for some one overcoming obesity.

I’m not saying your smoothie is bad or wrong. Not saying that “good” fats are bad for you. Not saying that increasing tissue, lubrication and moistness is bad.  I’m saying, know the facts and make informed choices.

That’s Yoga.

Yoga Mind gathers all the information, makes the best choice and achieves the chosen goal in all circumstances.

Yoga Mind  cultivates all your best instincts to increase wisdom and happiness.

Packing all your super condensed nutrition into a big cold thick “milk” shake at the start of your day is easy, fun, tasty, expensive, time saving, and modern!

Welcome to the future!

I drink my “meal” like an astronaut.

I stand at the helm of my blender with jars of powders and liquids like a grown-up with a chemistry set!

Is this good nutrition that supports digestion and metabolism, stoking the digestive fire? Or is the digestive fire dampened and annihilated?

Is this really the best way to prepare and eat our meals?

On our feet, on the run, in a few big gulps behind the wheel of a car, or shoulder to shoulder with strangers on a bus or in a gym?

Listen, I get it. Life is exhausting. Cooking is a drag. We work harder and longer than we ever wanted to. We need the extra edge. We want to look like professional athletes and achieve like super heroes.

We demand 1 perfect solution for 1 million personal needs, hopes and dreams.

You think that solution is sourced from 10 global super foods blended into a coagulate and poured from a $500 Super Mixmaster into a Eco bottle that hangs from a hook off your backpack.

Think again.


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